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Crafting a legacy

Jane Hoffman, Angela Coupal and team are in “Unison,” building a real estate enterprise grounded in integrity and compassion.

Forty years ago, a young girl named Jane Hoffman arrived in Kelowna with dreams as vast as the Okanagan sky. However, fate dealt a devastating blow not long after her arrival. Her husband, Glen, and his business partner, Jim (her brother-in-law), tragically lost their lives in a plane crash. In the wake of this profound tragedy, Jane stood at a crossroads in her life: either retreat into seclusion or forge ahead.

“There really was no option,” reflects Jane.

Left with Glen’s company, Braniff Construction Ltd., she deftly led its employees while raising her son, Michael. However, a pivotal moment unfolded during an ordinary breakfast conversation, Jane recalls.

“My cousin turned to me and said, ‘You love Lakeshore so much, you should sell it.’”

And the seed was planted.

In 1984, at the age of 34, Jane quietly enrolled in a real estate course.

“I didn’t tell anyone,” she says.

This decision coincided with a challenging period in the real estate market. Despite the hurdles, Jane acquired her license, taking a courageous leap into real estate that showcased her resilience and unwavering determination. This unconventional beginning marked the genesis of Jane Hoffman’s remarkable journey—a journey that has unfolded into an inspiring story.

Her inaugural sale—a $51,000 rental property in Kelowna—marked her official entry into real estate. This initial success laid the foundation for a career that would ultimately culminate in her recent triumph: listing the multimillion-dollar lakeshore gem at 12391 Pixton Road in Lake Country—reportedly the highest-priced lakeshore home currently for sale in Canada.

Today, Jane stands as a trailblazer in the industry. Her track record boasts thousands of homes sold in the area, with each transaction etched vividly in her memory. Evolving from an individual identity, the name Jane Hoffman has transformed into a beacon representing a collective of like-minded individuals within the Jane Hoffman Realty brokerage brand, a group that has achieved a collective sales volume surpassing $5.1 billion.

Jane points out that her achievements were never accomplished alone. Her 30-year working relationship with Kristy Huber is a testament to this.

“Women have consistently been influential mentors throughout my career. Their keen attention to detail, paired with an empathetic approach, resonates deeply with my philosophy,” she says.

Her recent pivot stemmed from a meeting with another remarkable woman, Angela Coupal. This encounter led to steering the business toward a new direction that’s more aligned with an ever-evolving world.

Jane initially met Angela, a lawyer, at a luxury real estate auction. Angela’s passion for conscious capitalism resonated with Jane’s vision.

“When I first met Jane, she was innovating,” Angela reflects. “She was an agent willing to take risks.”

However, their paths didn’t cross again until later.

Angela recalls, “I had moved to Nashville with my now husband, who was with the Nashville Predators. He then got offered a job in Edmonton, and in 2016 I decided to return to BC. Unsure of my path, I reached out to my network, expressing my intent to utilize my MBA in a business-related role. Michael Hoffman, Jane’s son, along with Kristy Huber, invited me to see what Jane Hoffman Realty was doing,” Angela says.

Angela was drawn to the team due to shared values, and this marked the beginning of her journey with Jane.

“Jane has shattered the glass ceiling in so many ways,” Angela says.

Angela joined full-time as managing partner and legal counsel in 2016, marking a shift for Jane Hoffman Realty—today it has moved away from its former affiliation with Coldwell Banker Canada to become an independent brokerage under the name of Unison, which thrives under the Jane Hoffman Realty brand. Their collective vision extends beyond transactions; it’s about fostering human connections and nurturing a boutique team reflective of Jane’s values.

Jane’s legacy transcends numbers—it is embedded in an unwavering commitment to care.

“Am I a legacy? Maybe?” Jane muses. “But for me it has always been about the people. I can walk down a street by the lake, and I have probably been involved in at least half of those sales. I know the history of these places, and the journeys people have been on.”

Jane’s core belief is that “everyone deserves a home” and so the team is steering Unison Jane Hoffman Realty towards becoming a recognized brand with a steadfast dedication to providing stability in an uncertain world.

“Kelowna holds an indescribable charm,” notes Angela, who is Kelowna-born-and-raised, echoing Jane’s enduring appreciation for the city’s beauty.

“Every morning I wake up and appreciate it like I did the first day I moved here 40 years ago,” Jane says. “When Angela talks about the moon that comes over the golf club…that sight, it’s magical, every single time.”

From selling that $51,000 property to handling multimillion-dollar lakeside listings, the narrative of Jane Hoffman Realty embodies resilience and empathy, and an unwavering commitment to transforming lives through every property transaction.

Jane credits her tenacity to her mother, who played a pivotal role in shaping her spirit.

“I might have inherited that from her,” Jane remarks, her smile reflecting warmth and admiration for Kay Beruschi—a Revelstoke pioneer—known fondly as Grandma Kay to locals. Kay and her husband Fred opened the esteemed Regent Hotel in 1945. Even after the loss of Fred, Kay remained a steadfast presence at The Regent, leaving an indelible mark until she passed away at the age of 100.

Today, Jane and Angela, and their team of 15 brokers, are unified by shared values and a dedication to service. They aren’t merely building a thriving real estate enterprise—they’re crafting a legacy grounded in integrity, compassion and the belief that a home is more than mere walls; it’s the cornerstone of a family’s life story.

Says Angela: “When we talk about the legacy of Jane Hoffman, I don’t see it as Jane going anywhere. For me, it’s more that in the 40 years in this business she has surrounded herself with people and agents that all reflect her character. She’s built her business, and I feel that for us to not create a legacy out of what she’s built would be a disservice to real estate in the Okanagan.”